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Cheryl Kent

Licensed Agent / Life Coach

License # 4050651


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Hello my name is Cheryl Kent. I am a licensed financial professional as well as a certified professional life and financial coach. I have had the privilege of being a single career - oriented mother for over 20 years. Throughout my career of the corporate world to business ownership, I have been in leadership sales roles focused on development and motivating others to achieve their desired goals. Specifically, empowering women to breakthrough their own “glass ceiling."


Today, it is my honor to educate, equip, and empower women and families to build and secure their financial ambitions!

Whether it be through formulating:

  • Tax Free Retirement Funds

  • Flexible College Funds

  • Roll Over Retirement into stable accounts with Zero Loss

  • Savings plans or making more money

  • Wills and trusts estate planning


I can and will help you as I am in the business of providing a variety flexible options to build your financial legacy!


Money is the #1 cause of fear and anxiety in the nation. As a single mother for over 21 years struggling to make ends meet while, saving for a college fund and retirement, I understand what this feels like. This is why it is a passion of mine to help others understand their financial options, equip, and empower them to attain their future financial goals.


I would be honored to have the opportunity to meet with you! I look forward to equipping and empowering you to build your financial legacy with peace of mind.

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