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David Foxx is the co-founder of B.F.I. Financial. Be Financially Informed focuses on its core values of
delivering financial literacy across the United States. David is personally licensed in 20 states and has a
team of licensed professionals working with over 100 trusted partners trained to find the right financial
solutions for every client.

Throughout his career, from the corporate world to business ownership, David has been in leadership
positions focused on developing people to reach their full potential. Today, David gets the opportunity
to help solve financial problems for those wanting to be in a better position.

David credits his mission and drive to his father. As an educator, his father would always show him that
bringing value to others will bring more fulfilment than anything else in life. David saw this play out
when he watched a financial advisor sit down with him to create a plan for his money that was specific
and perfect for his situation. Since then, financial advising intrigued David and he realized this was the
way he wanted to help people in this world.

David is passionate about assisting others to understand their financial options, as there are so many
more than people realize. He understands the stress that comes from not only trying to ensure certainty

of money in the future for yourself, but also for your parents and children. He has seen so many bad
plans and because of this, he wants to help you make the right policy that will benefit you entirely— not
just a company. David looks forward to helping you reach your financial potential and give you peace
about your monetary future.