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BFI Financial uses a business platform that empowers people from all walks of life to create lucrative and lasting financial services businesses. Through BFI, our agents provide clients across the United States and Canada with a broad array of financial strategies and products available today.

BFI's support structure is the result of years of building and refining an organization dedicated to the support of financial services professionals. As a result, BFI is able to offer leading-edge tools, training, back-office administration and access to world-class products and providers.

There is no one particular path to success with BFI. In fact, BFI is a different kind of company where there are no barriers or prerequisites to starting a business, other than an unwavering dedication to always do what’s best for your clients. And, with access to a multitude of different strategies and approaches, our agents are well-equipped to help their clients achieve financial success.

We welcome individuals that wish to start their businesses either on a full- or part-time basis and our agents have full authority to build and expand their businesses according to their personal strategic goals and timelines.

Our innovative business model helps entrepreneurs succeed together and avoid the obstacles that plague traditional financial services businesses. Now, just about anyone with ambition can build a financial services organization that can scale without limits.

We can help empower individuals to create meaningful, successful businesses.

We provide the platform to help you be successful.

We are BFI. We are different by design.

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