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Francisco Mendez

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About Me

Francisco Mendez is a Financial Services Manager for Be Financially Informed. He is licensed in 10 states, including: Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. Not only that, but he is certified in Small Business Development and Entrepreneurship. He lives near Chicago with his wife of 11 years and their daughter. As a family, they share a love for traveling and exploring the world together.


Francisco is a retired military veteran. The beginning of his business ventures started when he represented the United States Army in Colombia as a Senior Advisor. He realized not many people knew how to secure success for their families, and because of this, he was motivated to develop a system that turned their wants and needs into a reality. He helped those in the military start small businesses, learned more about all the aspects of finances, and gained awareness for what you must do to be successful. From there, he decided he wanted to be a resource to people and help establish their financial futures.


Francisco is not only passionate about creating a foundation for your future, but also establishing a family legacy for the generations to come. He knows how important your children are to you and will do everything in his power to ensure they are provided for. Every family is unique, and Francisco knows this—he will assist you in designing a financial plan that is perfect for your specific needs. Francisco looks forward to working with you, whatever your background may be, and will do all he can to turn your dreams into reality.

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