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IRAs/Tax Advantage Plans

Tax advantage plans can eliminate future tax liabilities 

A desire to leave a portion of your assets to your family may also influence how you handle withdrawals from tax-deferred accounts. Keep in mind that, if you leave behind funds in a traditional IRA, the rules for inheritance can be complex.


To avoid these issues and make it easier to pass on your estate to family members, consider converting traditional IRAs to tax advantaged plans. While you will have to pay taxes on the funds converted, moving to a tax advantaged plan eliminates future tax liabilities, regardless of whether you use the funds in retirement or pass the money on to your heirs.


Alternatively, you may wish to consider a strategic rollout of your traditional IRAs and using the funds to purchase a high performing/high cash value life insurance policy that will provide you tax free growth for retirement and your and a tax-free inheritance for your heirs.

Consider the tax implications of your savings now to avoid an unexpected bill from the IRS later.  Tax rates are a "floating" risk, don't leave your retirement to chance.  Take steps now to put yourself in a better position.