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A Business Model Designed for Everyone.

Current economic times and access to readily available information have created awareness in most people about the need for financial education.  Taking control of one’s finances and planning for the future are imperative. Gone are the days of relying on corporations or the government to provide for our retirement and education.  Health care costs are on a constant rise and our national debt continues to go up. That leaves every individual and family having to take responsibility for their own financial future, and yet most don’t due to lack of education.

This is where Be Financially Informed comes in. Our vision is to provide financial education so families and businesses know there options and what the industry has to offer. This business platform enables willing entrepreneurs to create a business around this ever growing need!

Some of our diverse array of clients even choose to become independent business owners themselves. Many of them have built successful financial services organizations using our proven system, a system that has produced thousands of successful agents across North America. 

We help make the idea of financial independence and financial security accessible to a diverse group of people from a wide range of backgrounds.


  • Honesty and integrity are characteristics you live by.

  • You value and believe in our mission and cause to change the financial landscape in North America.

  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • You are constantly looking for personal growth and development.

  • You are a leader or want to learn to lead.

  • You care about and enjoy, working with people.

  • You have the heart of a champion, your competitive and want to WIN BIG!

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