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I'm Sammy Franco, a licensed financial professional in Fresno, Ca.  I am a Fresno/Central Valley Native and reside in Fresno with my wife (Rachel) of 17 years, our two children; Sammy and Lily (13 and 16 years old) and our Giant Schnauzer; Uma (8 years old). I have over 25 years of financial experience running multi million dollar establishments for some of the biggest retailers in the United States.  I have been a business owner, Entrepreneur and Independent consultant.  I have also experienced every spectrum of the financial scale. 


I have had enough assets to enjoy a comfortable life, open a business and enjoy time with my family.  I have also lost everything due to having unprotected assets and had to start building all over from square one.  One thing can be said for experience, it is often the greatest teacher of all time.  What we can learn from our life experience is invaluable.  My experiences have driven me to a level of financial literacy that has helped me create a vision that I believe can benefit families, businesses and individuals alike. 


I ask every client one question,  Do you want to leave a Legacy, or a Liability for your family?  I look forward to helping you build your Legacy"

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